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CSU Rideshare

Don’t have a car on campus and looking to catch a ride skiing?  A trip home for the break?  A carpool to class? Try CSU RideShare.

CSU RideShare pairs students at Colorado State University with potential carpool matches quickly and securely. CSU RideShare help users find rides, save money, reduce pollution and traffic congestion, and encourage GREENER transportation choices.   Just enter your destination (see image to right) and desired travel dates and the system will attempt to pair you up with a carpool. is operated by the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization.   Their website provide carpool and vanpool matching services focused on daily commuters. The website also provides a daily tracking calendar.

To register for an account, please visit is a non-profit dedicated to creating carpools for skiers.  A weekend trip to the ski resorts can be costly (fuel, insurance, maintenance) and stressful (2 – 3 hours of congestion).

Visit for more information.

Carpool trip types on CSU Rideshare.
Carpool trip types on CSU Rideshare.