Colorado State University parking regulations are approved by the Board of Governors in accordance with the authority of Colo. Rev. Stat. §§ 23-5-106 through 108.

General Information

The mission of Colorado State University Parking and Transportation Services is to manage parking resources in a manner that supports the campus activities and enhances life in the community.

Parking Services is a self-funded auxiliary department of Colorado State University. No tax revenue, general funds, student fees, or tuition money is received or used to support Parking Services operations.

Parking information must be obtained from CSU Parking Services. Incorrect information received from any other source is not considered a valid defense of parking violations.

All vehicles parked on the main and south campuses must have a valid CSU parking permit associated with their license plate, properly displayed, or are required to pay for short term parking at a pay station or meter. CSU Parking regulations require that a license plate must be mounted to the vehicle. Vehicles must park with the mounted license plate directly adjacent to the drive lane, allowing enforcement cameras to scan the license plate as the enforcement vehicle drives by. Placement of the license plate in the windshield does not meet requirements and will result in citations. All zones are enforced as posted.

Hours of Enforcement: Hours of operations for parking restrictions are determined by Parking Services. Please contact Parking Services for hours of parking restrictions. In general, all parking lots are enforced year-round from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Load zones, ADA spaces, timed zones, state and service, and Lake Street Garage are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Multiple citations may be issued.

Overnight Parking: There is no overnight parking allowed in A, E, Z or ZR (Moby) parking areas without prior approval from Parking Services. Vehicles left on campus overnight are subject to citation.

Fines double if they are not paid or an appeal has not been filed (as provided for in these regulations), within 14 calendar days of the date of issuance of a parking citation. Please do not ignore parking citations received while parking on campus. Delinquent citations will result in additional fees, a hold on your student account and transcript, and your obligation being referred for collection.

All officially designated parking areas are posted. The posted sign regulates the type of parking authorized.

Meters: Traditional meters accept U.S. coins (nickels, dimes and quarters).

Pay-by-plate machines (pay stations): Accept U.S. coins, debit or credit cards, and RamCard payment methods.

Parking in the interior lots may be difficult at times. Please plan ahead and allow sufficient time to walk to your desired destination. Parking is on a first come, first served basis with the required permit (except for spaces specially marked by signs as “reserved”). Possession of a parking permit does not guarantee that a space will be available. Lack of available parking is not a valid reason for parking illegally.

If your car fails to operate and you are forced to park illegally, please notify Parking Services immediately at (970) 491-7041 or email us at After hours, call Colorado State University Police Department at (970) 491-6425. If the owner does not have the vehicle repaired and moved or towed within a reasonable time (not to exceed 24 hours), the vehicle may be towed at the university’s option, at the owner’s expense. Inoperable vehicles in no-parking, ADA, or other restricted zones may be towed immediately.

Recreational Vehicles, Buses, Trailers: RVs, trailers and buses may only park on campus with prior approval from Parking Services and will be limited to specific parking lots. Buses may unload and load at the north stations of the Lory Student Center Campus Transit Center and Moby Arena on the main campus.

Allocation of parking spaces is determined by Parking Services in accordance with authority granted by the Board of Governors of the CSU System. Reassignment or changes of parking area designations are the responsibility of Parking Services after consultation with the Parking Services Committee. Parking Services may reassign any or all parking lot and meter or permit designations.


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