Parking Violations

A. Safety violations: The following parking violations are considered serious infractions of the Colorado State University parking regulations and applicable 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Vehicles cited for violations one through eight may be impounded immediately. The vehicle owner or operator is responsible for towing and impound charges. Fire, police, ambulance, and other emergency vehicles responding to emergencies are exempt.

1. Parking in such a manner which obstructs access to a fire hydrant, fire lane, emergency lane, ambulance entrance, bike lane, ADA ramp, driveway, service drive, walkway, street, or building.

2. Double parking.

3. Parking against the direction of authorized traffic flow.

4. Parking on any lawn, field, or undesignated area except by prior permission of Parking Services.

5. Parking or storing a motor vehicle in a University building.

6. Parking or stopping a vehicle on or over a red line or next to a red curb.

7. Vehicles parked in ADA/disabled spaces, or the diagonally striped loading/unloading areas next to an ADA space without a CSU H permit, state-issued disability placard or disability license plates issued for a person actually operating or riding in the vehicle immediately before or after parking.

8. Parking or stopping a vehicle in a designated fire lane. A new and separate violation occurs every 30 minutes.

9. Unauthorized overnight parking.

B. Criminal Violations: The following parking violations are considered to be serious infractions of the CSU parking regulations. Vehicles cited for violations one through four will be booted or impounded. A vehicle’s owner or operator is responsible for impound charges. In addition to parking citation fines and fees, criminal charges may be filed and will be referred to the Student Resolution Center or the CSU Police Department for further action.

1. Counterfeiting, altering, or defacing any CSU parking permit or state issued ADA placard is prohibited.

2. Misuse of permit: Using a permit that has been reported as lost or stolen, or a permit that is not registered to you, or using a state-issued disability placard that is not registered to the vehicle owner or driver.

3. Parking any vehicle on University property without license plates or covering or defacing the vehicle identification number. Vehicles parked on campus which do not display sufficient means of owner identification (license plates, parking permits, temporary registration, VIN number, etc.) may be booted and impounded and held pending identification of the owner or other disposition as provided for by law (See section V.)

4. Attempting to remove a boot from a vehicle by anyone other than a CSU police officer or authorized employee of Parking Services is prohibited.

5. Providing false information in order to obtain a parking permit, when appealing a parking citation or to obtain the release of a vehicle which has been impounded or booted.

C. Parking Violations:

1. At Red Curb or Over Red Line: Stopping, standing, or parking at a red curb or over a red line. This is a safety violation. Only emergency vehicles can park at red curbs.

2. Double Parked: Parking alongside another vehicle already parked parallel to the curb.

3. Loading Zone Violation: Parking in a loading zone for more than 20 minutes. A new and separate violation occurs every 21 minutes and can result in additional citations being issued. Load zones restrictions are in place 24 hours per day 365 days per year

4. Obstructing Access: Parking in a manner that either obstructs access to another vehicle parking in the specified area or parking in a way that obstructs another vehicle from leaving the parking area. This can also include parking that obstructs access to an entrance, bike path, and pedestrian route or blocks the path that an emergency vehicle utilizes.

5. Parked in No Parking Area: Parking in a space or area marked “No Parking.” Parking in any area of a lot that is not striped for parking.

6. Parked in Undesignated Area: Parking in an area that is not allocated for vehicle use (i.e. driving lane, in vacant space next to a building, etc., not zoned for parking purposes).

7. Parked Overtime:

A. Meter or pay station: Parking in an area which requires payment of a parking meter or pay station when there is no time displayed or time has expired. A new and separate infraction occurs after each maximum time limit or every 4 hours, whichever is less, and additional citations may be issued.

B. Time limit area: Parking overtime in a timed zone. A new and separate infraction occurs after each maximum time limit, and additional citations may be issued.

8. Parked Without Required Permit: Parking without the required valid permit for the specific parking area.

9. Parked Wrong Side of Street: Parking against the direction of traffic. Except where angle parking is authorized, every vehicle stopped, standing, or parked wholly upon a two-way roadway shall be so stopped, standing, or parked with the right-hand wheels of such vehicle parallel to and within twelve inches of the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. Parking in a diagonal space with the front of the vehicle facing towards the street is prohibited.

10. Permit Improperly Displayed: A parking permit issued by Parking and Transportation Services that is not displayed, on the front dash or rear view mirror, in a manner that allows Parking and Transportation Services staff to read all pertinent information regarding the lot it is assigned to or the dates it is valid for.

11. Parking Or Storing A Trailer: Unauthorized parking or storing a trailer.

12. ADA and Reserved ADA Spaces: Colorado State University ADA/disabled H parking permits are required for reserved ADA/disabled spaces or parking in any other permit area. Any vehicle parked in an ADA/disabled space that is reserved for a specific license plates or vehicle, including the diagonally striped areas next to ADA spaces, will be cited.

13. Greater Than 12 Inches from Curb: Parking greater than 12 inches from curb.

14. Outside Space Boundaries: Parking outside of the designated boundaries of the parking space. Vehicles must be parked within pavement markings including end of space markings.

15. Restricted Area: Parking in any area that is signed designating that restrictions apply. Restricted zones on campus include: restricted carpool only, restricted special purpose and restricted-client only.

16. Fire Lane: Parking in an area that is signed as a marked fire lane or obstructing access to a fire hydrant.

17. State & Service Only: Parking in an area that is signed for state and service vehicles only.

18. J-Service Spaces: Parking in an area that is signed “J” service permits. Must have a “J” service permit.

19. Truck & Trailer Only: Parking anything other than a truck and trailer in an area so designated.

20. Boot/Impound Fee: Parking a vehicle on the CSU campuses while it’s on the University’s boot list or in violation of any Parking Services criminal or safety violation as defined in these regulations.

21. License Plate Not Visible: Parking in such a manner that a valid, mounted license plate or temporary registration is not clearly visible from the drive lane immediately adjacent to the parking space.

22. Misuse – Multiple Vehicles:Vehicles registered to the same permit may not be parked on campus at the same time; in any parking lots where the permit is valid. If multiple vehicles are parked on campus at the same time all vehicles will be issued a citation for misuse-multiple vehicles.


Miscellaneous Regulations

A. Responsibility for Violation: Permit holders are responsible for all citations issued to vehicles associated to their permit. If no permit is associated, the vehicle owner will be held responsible for citations.

B. Mechanical Failure of Vehicles: In the event of mechanical failure of a vehicle, the owner or driver is responsible for its removal as soon as possible. If the vehicle is parked in violation of any CSU parking regulation, the driver must immediately notify Parking Services (or CSU Police Department after hours at 970-491-6425) of the vehicle’s location on campus. If a parking citation is issued after notification is made, contact Parking Services. Vehicles will be given a maximum of 24 hours to be moved. If a parking citation is issued prior to notification or failure to notify, the citation is valid.

C. Construction Sites: Parking within a temporary or long-term fenced construction area is controlled by the contractor and is subject to parking fees as determined by CSU Parking Services. The contractor may determine vehicle parking or access requirements and limitations and may invoke the provisions of Section V of these regulations for noncompliance. Construction employees may park within the confines of a designated fenced construction area. Construction staff members wishing to park in permitted areas (i.e. A or Z) will be required to purchase a temporary permit at the current monthly or daily rates; type and location to be determined by Parking Services.

D. Special Permits: Special permits to park on campus contrary to these regulations must be requested in writing and signed by the department head of the person to whom the permit would be issued. Requests for special permits will be forwarded to Parking Services.


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