Virtual parking permits and license plate recognition technology

Parking on campus is monitored through a camera system attached to Parking and Transportation Services vehicles that scans license plates and compares them to our permit database. Because of this, the CSU parking regulations require parking in such a manner that a valid mounted license plate or temporary registration is clearly visible from the drive lane immediately adjacent to the parking space. Failure to park so that a valid mounted license plate is clearly visible from the drive lane may result in future citations.

Follow the link for more information regarding permit options.

Only one vehicle per permit will be allowed on campus at one time.

Parking and Transportation Services does not keep scans of license plates more than seven days, with the exception of scans that generate a parking citation.

The virtual permit system saves costs, such as permit printing and inventory, permit mailings, and reduced need for weekend hours during permit sales seasons. In addition, the system helps prevent permit loss, theft and forgery.


Instructions for virtual permits

You can associate license plates to your permit at the time of sale. You can also visit our website later to manage license plates on your permit:

  • Under the Parking Services drop down menu above, click on “My Parking Account
  • Enter your CSU EID name and password
  • Click on “Manage Your Permits
  • Click on your current permit number

From this screen, you can view vehicles currently associated with your permit, and add and delete vehicles from your permit.

To ADD a vehicle:

Click on the “Add Vehicles To Permit” box at the bottom of the page.  This will show a list of any vehicles in our system related to you.

  1. If the vehicle you need to add is listed, simply check the box next to it and click “Add the selected vehicle.”
  2. If the vehicle is not listed, click the “Add new vehicle” box and input the requested information. After clicking “Next” the vehicle will be added to your list of related vehicles.

If you encounter an error, please contact Parking Services immediately.

If you have the same license plates but they are now on a new vehicle, you can update the vehicle description in the vehicles menu in your parking account.