Biking is a fun, inexpensive commuting option that allows for social distancing and plenty of fresh air. CSU supports bike commuting with its 17,000 bike parking spaces, miles of separated trails and underpasses, and amenities such as commuter showers.

Prepare for your ride to campus in the fall with these programs, brought to you by CSU’s Parking and Transportation Services and the City of Fort Collins’ FC Moves:

Summer Bike Webinars

Register for this series of free ‘lunch and learn’ webinars to brush up on your bicycling knowledge and ask questions of the experts.

Date/Time Topic Description Registration Links
Fri, July 10 Noon – 1pm (Virtual) Preparing to Ride Are you interested in learning how to bicycle commute to work, but don’t know where to start? Join us for our preparing to ride class for an intro to rules of the road, how to fuel for the ride, plan your route and carry items with you! Register for 7/10 Virtual Session
Tues, July 21
5:15 – 6:30 pm (Virtual)or
Recorded Option
Bicycle Friendly Driver
(FC Moves)
Discuss traffic safety laws and responsibilities for both cyclists and motorists, shared responsibilities, and how to avoid crashes or conflicts. Earn a Bicycle Friendly Driver certification upon completion of this course from Bicycle Colorado. Register for 7/21 Virtual Session

Request recording and test

Fri, July 24

Noon – 1pm (Virtual)

Bike Maintenance Join bike mechanic Morgan Dye of CSU’s The Spoke to check your bike for signs of trouble and simple steps to keep it in top shape. Have your own bike handy to participate in a “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Bike) flat change demo. Register for 7/24 Virtual Session

Bike Buddies

Want some one-on-one assistance to prepare your bike commute? Your Bike Buddy is here to help! CSU’s Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) has teamed up with FC Moves to offer a program that matches you with a trained Bicycle Ambassador who can help with:

  • Selecting a comfortable route
  • Riding safely in traffic
  • Fixing a flat tire or other basic bike maintenance
  • Choosing gear for your commute
  • Riding in inclement weather
  • Taking your bike on the bus (or Bike-n-Ride)
  • Other tips and techniques to fit your situation

How the program works:

  1. Sign up: Complete the bike buddy intake form.
  2. Plan Your Ride: Meet via video call with a member of the PTS team to plan your best route(s) to campus, and answer your bike commuting questions.
  3. Ride: Test your route in-person with a Bike Ambassador! You’ll schedule a time and place to meet with a Bike Ambassador and ride the route together to campus and back. During the ride you can address best practices for riding with traffic, positioning at intersections, trail etiquette and other skills specific to your route. Both participants will be asked to wear a face covering, maintain a distance of six feet during the ride and complete a symptom self-check before arriving on campus.