Employee parking information

Parking permits

Parking and Transportation Services offers a variety of parking permit options:

  • Daily
  • Commuter ten pack: 10 daily permits for the price of nine available for purchase once a semester
  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday
  • Monthly
  • Semester
  • Annual
  • Short-term hourly, More information regarding short-term parking.
  • Lower-cost, remote parking (served by shuttle to campus)
  • Motorcycle permits (only valid in designated motorcycle parking spaces or in any hourly designated parking space)
  • Low powered scooters (under 50 cc or 4476 watts) must have a CSU parking permit and park in motorcycle designated spaces


Parking on campus is monitored through a virtual permit system that scans your license plate. Your license plate is linked to your parking permit.

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid CSU parking permit or park in designated hourly parking spaces and pay at a pay station.

  • Vehicles must be parked so that a valid license plate or temporary registration is clearly visible from the drive lane.
  • A parking permit allows for one vehicle to park on campus at any given time.
  • A parking permit can have multiple vehicles on the permit to allow for flexibility when determining which vehicle is driven to campus, however multiple vehicles can not park on campus under the same permit, at the same time. If both vehicles listed on a single permit need to be on campus at the same time, a second permit must be purchased to cover the duration needed or park in hourly parking to avoid a significant citation fine for permit misuse.
  • For more information regarding regulations please follow this link.
  • Please select the following links for more information regarding a citation or how to appeal a citation.

Overnight parking on campus is permitted in the Research Blvd parking lot with a valid CSU permit or in pay by hour designated spaces on the first level of the Lake Street and South College parking garages only. Overnight parking in CSU Apartments or Residence Halls designated parking areas is only permissible with a valid CSU Resident Hall or CSU Apartment permit.

Please carefully review signs posted at the entrance to each parking area for specific enforcement times and permit requirements. Parking is enforced 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday, year-round or as posted, including fall, winter, spring and summer breaks. Residence hall parking spaces and other designated areas have extended enforcement hours. CSU apartments, Lake Street Garage and South College Ave Garage restrictions are applicable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Visitor parking

Visitors can purchase a daily parking permit or park in designated hourly parking areas and pay at a designated pay station or using the Park Mobile app, following the Purchase Permit link below to create an account and purchase your online parking permit.

Game day parking

Regular CSU parking permits are not valid on game days when football games are played at Canvas Stadium.

All CSU parking spaces, including street and hourly spaces, are reserved and specially permitted for game attendance parking only. Please ensure vehicles are moved by 10 p.m. the night before a Saturday home game to avoid citation or towing. More information about repark requirements and hours for game day.

Faculty, staff and student employees who need to be on campus on game days must have a special permit which will require them to park in a designated lot or arrange alternative transportation to campus. Special game day permits are issued on an as-needed basis and must be requested in advance from your college dean, department chair, unit head or supervisor.

Faculty and staff who wish to attend the game and park on campus must pre-purchase (no day-of-game sales) a single game or season pass parking permit through Athletics. More information regarding game day parking and transportation.

Purchase a permit

Parking permits can be purchased using cash, credit or monthly payroll deduction. Log in with your CSU ename and password. You may purchase a permit or add and delete vehicles from your permit.

Purchasing a permit does not guarantee available parking in specific lots near your destination. Please allow adequate time to park and walk or take the Horn to your destination.

Around the Horn, a free shuttle, connects parking areas to stops across our main campus. More information, schedule and stops.

If you need assistance please contact our office at (970) 491-7041 or visit us in office at 1508 Center Avenue.

Button to select Purchase Parking Permit

Permit refunds will not be issued on monthly and daily permits. Semester and six month long permits are only eligible for a refund within 14 days of purchase. Annual permits may be eligible for a refund at a prorated rate based on date of purchase and are subject to a restocking and administrative fee. Refunds on annual permits will not be issued after March 31.

Parking and Transportation Services is a self-funded department; no tax revenue, general funds, student fees or tuition funds support parking on campus. All maintenance and operations are paid by parking permit fees and citation revenue.

Annual permits

Annual permits are required year round. New annual permits for each academic year are required beginning on Aug. 15 and are valid through Aug. 14 of the following year. If purchasing a permit using payroll deduction, payments will be deducted in equal installments starting Sep and ending in April.

Discounted permits are also available for employees making less than $35,000 and who meet qualifications. Contact parking and Transportation Services for more information.

 Annual parking permit prices

*Semester, monthly and daily options are also available.

Permit Type Allows Parking In Description Annual Price
A A, Z, ZR, and R spaces Faculty and staff permit (commuters) $618
AD A,B,E,I,ZR,Q,R,S,T,U,W,X,Z and reserved space Faculty and staff reserved space permit $2,576
B A,B,I,ZR,Q,R,S,T,U,W,X, and Z spaces Faculty and staff permit (Housing and administration) $618
D D spaces Health and Medical Center employee permit $618
E A, E, Z, ZR, and R spaces Faculty and staff permit (Athletics) $618
F F spaces Federal facility employee permit $618
H ADA,A,B,E,I,ZR,Q,R,S,T,U,W,X,Z and Client spaces Faculty and staff ADA permit (commuters) $618
J A,B,E,I,J,ZR,Q,R,S,T,U,W,X, and Z Service vehicle permit $745
M Motorcycle spaces Motorcycle permit $293
R R spaces Faculty, staff, and student remote parking permit (Research Boulevard and Equine Center) $266
ZR ZR and R spaces Faculty, staff, and student Foothills Campus and Moby parking permit (commuters) $424
CP Employee carpool, A, Z, ZR, and R spaces Faculty and staff carpool permit $618
LD LEED spaces Low emission vehicle secondary permit NA
EV Electric vehicle spaces Electric vehicle secondary permit NA

Apartment Life annual permits

Annual permits for students who live in university apartments are required each calendar year, beginning on June 1. Individuals must have their housing assignment and the lease effective date must be within 30 days before a parking permit can be purchased. Only the person listed on the lease may purchase a permit for apartment parking areas.

Permit prices in the table below show annual pricing. Contact parking and Transportation Services for more information.

The code in the table identifies the permit designated area. View permit sign examples to understand permit eligibility areas on campus or a link to the campus map.

Annual permit prices

Permit Type Allows Parking In Description Annual Price
H ADA,A,B,E,I,ZR,Q,R,S,T,U,W,X,Z and Client spaces Faculty and staff ADA permit $618
I I spaces International House resident permit $150
M Motorcycle spaces Motorcycle permit $293
R R spaces Faculty, staff, and student remote parking permit (Research Boulevard and Equine Center) $266
S S spaces University Village resident permit $150
T T and R spaces Aggie Village Family resident permit $310
U U, T, and R spaces Aggie Village resident permit $667

Aggie Village

Housing and Dining Services contracts with Parking and Transportation Services to only sell permits for the number of spaces available at Aggie Village ensuring parking is not over-sold. A waitlist has been set up for students that want to purchase a permit for the Aggie Village parking lot. Students are eligible to join the waitlist 30 days prior to the lease effective date and have an option to sign up for the T (Aggie Village Family parking lot) or U (Aggie Village parking lot) permit or both. Students adding their name to both waitlists should ensure that they assign priority to their preferred permit (U or T) because once you become eligible on the waitlist for your preferred permit, the system will send notification and remove you from your secondary preferred waitlist. If you aren’t eligible for your primary waitlist request, the system will go automatically to your secondary preference and send notification. Individuals on the waitlist will receive notification when the permit is available to purchase and have seven days (day one starts on the notification date) to purchase the permit. If after seven days the permit has not been purchased the permit will be made available to the next student on the waitlist, you will lose your place on the waitlist and be required to rejoin waitlist.

Aggie Village residents who currently have permits for spring term but are leaving for summer will have to reapply to seek a permit for fall. Having an existing permit does not assure getting another permit when there is a gap in residency.

Parking is enforced until 8 p.m. to ensure that residents are able to return to their apartment prior to 8 p.m. and have a parking space. Aggie Village (U) permit holders are permitted to park in the T or Research Blvd (#740) parking lots in the event that parking spaces are not available during non-enforcement hours. If residents identify a vehicle parked without a valid permit they can notify the RA for follow up with the driver of the vehicle in question.

Aggie Village Family and all other CSU apartment housing do not have waitlist for their parking areas.

International House and University Village

Residents of International House and University Village are eligible to purchase two apartment parking permits and a student commuter (Z) permit for parking closer to campus, if desired.

Service vehicle permits

Departments that are providing services (examples: HVAC and plumbing) to buildings or equipment within buildings on campus may be eligible for J service parking permits. These permits are limited to service vehicles only.

To obtain a service permit, a Department Head or Director must contact Parking and Transportation Services to discuss the type of service provided and determine the number of permits necessary based to support work. Multiple permits may be required, depending upon the service. Multiple vehicles may be assigned to permits.

ADA parking and parking permits

CSU offers accessible parking across campus following the Americans with Disabilities Act. To use the ADA spaces, parkers must have ADA authorization and pay for a parking permit of their choice (annual, semester, etc.).

ADA permit authorization:

  • CSU recognizes ADA plates and placards from all states. To authorize ADA parking on campus associated with a permit, please bring your vehicle ADA plate registration or ADA placard registration to our office so we can have a copy on file.
  • Temporary placards will grant temporary ADA permit authorization.
  • Download and print our medical authorization form and take it to your physician and have them fill out the physician section. Then bring the completed and signed form to our office.
  • Bring a completed and signed state of Colorado ADA application to our office.
  • ADA plates and placards can be used with a regular CSU parking permit or in hourly parking.

ADA permits:

  • If you have a state issued plate or placard or a medical authorization indicating limited mobility, you will be issued a CSU ADA permit for the duration of the authorization.
  • Permanent authorizations have no expiration.
  • If you do not currently have a parking permit, a medical permit will be priced at our monthly, semester, or annual rate.
  • CSU ADA permits are valid in A, B, E, I, Q, S, T, U, W, X, and Z lots, all ADA permit spaces, all ADA time spaces, and client spaces.
  • Student CSU medical A permits are valid in A and Z lots. If you live in a residence hall, the permit will also be valid in the Q, W, or X lots near your hall.
  • Your permit authorizes vehicles linked to it to park in ADA spaces as long as you are the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.
  • If you cannot come to our office in person, you may send a representative with the required authorization and a completed permit application.

ADA visitor parking:

  • Short term visitors to campus will usually find it more convenient to use their ADA plate or placard in conjunction with a daily permit or pay for time in an hourly space.
  • Your ADA plate or placard allows parking in ADA spaces as long as the person it is registered to is the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.
  • You must purchase a permit or pay for the time.