*Contributions made after 11:00 AM on May 27th will be processed beginning May 31st. 

If you participate in Food for Fines, please do not pay the citation before your contribution is processed. Citations pending Food for Fines reductions will not escalate or transfer until after the contribution has been processed

Colorado State University’s Parking and Transportation Services partners with Rams Against Hunger twice a year to support students experiencing food insecurities. Contributions fund the meal swipe program, providing a nutritious meal at one of CSU’s dining centers for qualifying undergraduate students.

From April 1 to May 31, make an online contribution to Rams Against Hunger for a reduced citation.

The Rules

  • Cash contributions are NOT accepted at CSU Parking Services; contributions must be made online through the link on this page. Please be sure to include your CSU ID, license plate number, and/or citation number in the “Questions” tab of the Food For Fines fundraiser page. Participate here.
  • A contribution of $10 or more will reduce a citation by $20.  Have multiple citations? For every $10 contributed, Parking and Transportation Services will apply $20 to each citation still pending payment.
  • Feel like giving more?  You may contribute as much as you want, but you’ll only receive one discount per parking citation.
  • To qualify with an online contribution, you must take three steps.
    • First, make a contribution online. Please be sure to include your CSU ID, license plate number, and/or citation number in the “Questions” tab of the page.
    • Second, verify your contribution has been processed. You should see your citation reduced by $20. Please note due to impact of COVID-19 adjustments may take longer to process. We will send email notification when the reduction is completed.
    • Third, pay your citation online with a credit card.
  • Citations that have already been transferred to University Accounts Receivable are not eligible for a Food for Fines reduction.

updated April 1, 2022. Dates effective only in Spring 2022.