Appealing a Citation

An Appeals Committee has been specifically created to review citations. Appeals are heard by the Appeals Committee, which operates independently of the Parking Services office, using a staff member only for clerical support. Committee decisions on the appeals are final. If your appeal is accepted, you no longer need to pay your citation. If, however, your appeal is denied, you will need to pay a hearing fee of $10 per citation that you had the Appeal Committee review. These charges cover the cost of the appeals and can be equated to court costs.

Some common reasons appeals are not granted include, but are not limited to:

  • Frustration or anger over receiving a valid citation
  • Just running in for a minute
  • Inability to pay the fine
  • Lack of knowledge or deliberate disregard of CSU Parking Regulations, found online at //
  • Lateness to class or appointment
  • Claims of inability to find a legal parking space
  • Appeals based solely on a request for leniency or warning in the absence of significant mitigating circumstances
  • Didn’t see posted restrictions
  • Couldn’t find a convenient parking space
  • Had four-way flashers on
  • Didn’t have money or change
  • Other people were there, too, and they didn’t get cited

There are two ways that you can make an appeal either in person or online.

  • You may submit it in person at the CSU Parking and Transportation Services
  • You may submit it through an electronic form

CSU Parking and Transportation understands that there are multiple reasons that an individual may receive a citation and we give you the opportunity to voice your perspective. We are respectful of the Appeals Committee member’s time and we hope you are as well if you decide to create an appeal.