Appealing a Citation

An appeal may be filed online or in the office within 14 days of the citation issue date. After 14 days the system will not allow you to file an appeal online and your citation fee will double if left unresolved.

Once an appeal has been submitted the citation will be placed into the appeal process. The appeal process may take a few weeks and results will be emailed or mailed to the responsible party. If the appeal requires a review by the Appeal Board and the board determines that the citation should not be dismissed, an additional $10 will be assessed to cover administrative fees (time and associated paperwork required to prepare and process appeal by board members). Board members are university staff and students who are not affiliated with Parking and Transportation Services.

Citations can be paid online, over the phone, USPS or in office. Students can transfer citations to their student account as form of payment. A citation payment dropbox is also at the entrance of the Parking Services office in the Lake Street Garage for after hours payment.

Please consider that appeals cannot be approved for the reasons below, when determining whether to file and appeal:

  • Frustration or anger over receiving a valid citation
  • Running in for a minute
  • Parked to load or unload (not in a loading zone)
  • Inability to pay the fine
  • Lack of knowledge or disregard of CSU parking regulations
  • Late to class or appointment
  • Unable to find a parking space
  • Couldn’t locate a parking space in a desired location
  • Appeals based solely on a request for leniency or warning in the absence of significant mitigating circumstances
  • Indicating parking permit requirements were unclear when parked in spaces or lots with posted informational signs
  • Had flashers on
  • Didn’t have money or change available
  • Other vehicles were parked there

There are more than 12,000 parking spaces on campus. Please allow 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment or class to park and walk to your destination to avoid a citations.

Parking and Transportation Services has partnered with WayToPark, a parking app that accepts payment for hourly parking spaces on campus. Pay stations are also available in locations with hourly parking space.

We are committed to ensuring access to campus and will not waive safety violation citations. This includes temporarily parking in areas that are not parking spaces, to include but not limited to parking in bike, red curb and emergency vehicle lanes. Traffic violations for parking in non-designated areas carry higher fees due to the safety risk imposed on the university. In addition, we will not waive fees for parking illegally in ADA spaces without required permits or identification.

More information regarding parking regulations.