If you have questions about a citation that you received, you can click here to view a list of citations that are issued at Colorado State University and the fines that you would be required to pay.

You can pay or appeal your citation online.

CSU Parking and Transportation Services gives you the opportunity to allow us to understand your perspective. An Appeals Committee is specifically set up to review any citation.

Citation fines will double if the citation is not paid or appealed within 14 calendar days of the citation’s issue date. Following the delinquent date, a written reminder notice of the violation will be mailed to the motor vehicle’s operator or owner. CSU Parking and Transportation Services will send a courtesy reminder as well to remind the owner of the citation. However, if you fail to receive the reminder it is not enough reason to dismiss the citation or change any requirement that is requested.

CSU Parking and Transportation Services asks that you please do not ignore parking citations received for parking illegally on campus. Delinquent citations can result in:

  • Additional fees
  • A hold being placed on your transcripts
  • Obligation being referred to state collections

CSU Parking and Transportation Services wants everyone that is a part of the campus community to understand our processes and to give you resources to answer your questions. For policies and procedures to be followed, and to ensure that individuals do not take advantage of the campus unfairly, fines are assessed on top of citations if they are not paid within the allotted time. We want to work with everyone that is a part of our community so reach out if you ever have any questions or require clarification.

Warning Stickers and Boots

Vehicles with four or more unpaid citations will receive a warning sticker and the responsible individual must contact Parking Services within 10 business days to arrange payment of the citations. After 10 days your vehicle may be immediately impounded on-campus by use of a boot or similar device. A fee of $100, plus all fees and fines owed must be paid in full for the removal of the boot. Any unauthorized attempt to remove the boot from the vehicle by anyone other than Parking Services or the CSU Police Department is a violation and is subject to criminal charges.

A boot will also be placed on any vehicle displaying a counterfeit permit or a permit reported as lost or stolen, and a citation will be issued for misuse of permit. The vehicle will be released upon the return of the permit and payment of fines, boot fee, and towing charges. Because of the seriousness of this offense you may not be allowed to park on campus for the remainder of the academic year.