Colorado State University considers motorcycles and low-power scooters governed by all regulations applicable to other motor vehicles. In addition, CSU regulations apply:

A Colorado State Universit staff member rides her motor scooter on campus, September 9, 2015.

  • When parked in an area where a CSU parking permit is required, motorcycles and low-power scooters must be parked in stalls specifically signed for motorcycle parking.  The motorcycle or scooter must display the university’s motorcycle parking permit so that it can be easily seen, the permit must be correctly linked to a valid CSU parking permit, and the permit must be permanently affixed to the front headlight, windshield, license plate frame, or rear fender.
  • When parked in metered, short term and hourly stalls, motorcycles and low-power scooters may be parked in regular vehicle parking spaces if you pay for time at a pay station or meter.
  • Motorcycles and low-power scooters must be correctly linked to a valid CSU parking permit.
  • Motorcycle and low-power scooter owners may purchase a motorcycle permit in addition to a vehicle permit; however, full price will be charged for both permits. Low-power scooters parked on campus must display a valid State of Colorado Low-Power Scooter Registration sticker and link the registration number to a CSU parking permit. Register your low-power scooter (under 50 ccs) with the state by clicking on form DR 2701: Low-Power Scooter Registration Application (individual) after following this link.
  • Low-power scooters, mopeds, and gas-motorized bicycles are prohibited from parking at bicycle racks.
  • Motorcycles and scooters are not required to buy the same permit that a car requires, CSU requires a motorcycle parking permit to park either on campus
  • Scooters must park in areas assigned for motorcycle parking. This means that motorcycles and scooters are NOT allowed to park at bicycle racks.

Why use a scooter or motorcycle?

Motorcycles and scooters save money on fuel, and CSU parking permits cost less than permits for vehicles because they don’t require as much space in our parking lots.

Where to ride and park?

Motorcycles and scooters are considered like any other motorized vehicle and should be ridden on roadways and streets only.

Motorcycles and scooters are not allowed on shared or separated bicycle or pedestrian trails on campus.

Look for signed motorcycle and scooter parking in most lots across campus, or check the campus parking map.

Motorcycles and scooters are not allowed to park in bike racks.

When to ride?

When to ride your scooter or motorcycle is a personal decision.  Inclement weather may influence the clothing and safety gear you will need from day to day, and your comfort level in riding.

Safety tips for riding motorcycles and scooters