Booting or impounding vehicles

The privilege of parking on campus is dependent on compliance with these regulations. Vehicles parked in violation of these regulations may be cited, booted, or impounded at the vehicle owners’ expense as provided for below. Any vehicle parked on campus, while on the Parking Services boot list, is subject to booting or impounding whether it is parked legally or illegally. (Under Colorado law, a towing company has a lien on the vehicle for impounding charges separate from the University’s fees and fines.)

A. Vehicles parked illegally in American Disabilities Act handicap spaces or at red curbs and vehicles parked in a manner that obstructs a walkway, bike lane, driveway, service drive, fire lane, fire hydrant, or which in any other manner creates a safety hazard, and any vehicles parked in a marked tow away zone are subject to immediate impound.

B. Vehicles parked on campus which do not display sufficient means of owner identification (current valid license plates, missing or covered VIN or serial numbers) may be booted or impounded and held pending identification of the owner or other disposition as provided for by law.

C. Vehicles found to be in an unsafe operating condition, are inoperable, are considered abandoned, or cause a public safety hazard may be impounded.

D. Vehicles receiving four or more unpaid citations will be given a warning sticker. The warning sticker carries a separate fee. If owner fails to contact CSU Parking Services within 10 business days the vehicle may be disabled by use of a boot and assessed a boot fee. All fines owed and fees (warning stickers and boot fees) must be paid in full in order to secure the removal of the boot. Any attempt to remove the boot from vehicle in violation by anyone other than CSU Parking Services or CSU Police Department is prohibited and subject to criminal charges.

E. Any vehicle displaying a permit reported as lost or stolen will be issued citation and immediately booted, or impounded. The vehicle will be released upon return of permit, payment of boot fee, or impounding charges. Parking privileges may be suspended for remainder of academic year or criminal charges pursued.

F. Vehicles found with altered or counterfeited permits will be immediately booted, or impounded. Parking privileges may be suspended for the remainder of the academic year or criminal charges pursued.

G. If a vehicle is impounded, there is a separate fee owed to Parking Services in addition to any charges from the towing company.

H. Vehicles booted or  impounded for all other reasons will be released upon payment of the appropriate penalty set forth in these regulations plus impounding charges.

I . All vehicles which remain booted for more than 48 hours are subject to immediate impound.


Appeal procedure

Appeals are decided by the CSU Parking and Police Appeals Board. The board’s decision constitutes the final disposition of the appeal within the University and is binding on Colorado State University, CSU Parking Services, and the appellant and vehicle owner. Frivolous parking citation appeals are discouraged as they waste the time of everyone involved. Parking appeals are not granted for frustration or anger over receiving a citation, lack of knowledge of the regulations, forgetfulness, being late for class, just running in for a minute, or inability to find a legal parking space.

A. There is a limit of one appeal per citation.

B. An administrative fee will be assessed for all appeals if the citation is upheld. This fee will be assessed in addition to the amount of the fine for the parking violation.

C. Individuals who wish to appeal a parking citation must file an appeal within 14 calendar days of the issue date of the citation. Failure to pay or appeal a University parking citation by the end of the fourteenth day from the date of issuance will result in doubling of the violation fine and forfeiture of the appeal right.

D. Two methods for filing a written appeal are available to persons wishing to contest a parking citation. Written appeal forms are available at Parking Services or appeals may be filed online at All appeals must indicate the citation number or numbers for the violation or violations being appealed and provide the appellant’s arguments for dismissal of parking citation.

E. The results of all appeal hearings will be mailed or emailed to the address the appellant has provided in their appeal. Fines or fees found due as a result of the appeal process must be paid by the payment due date provided on the notice of appeal results letter. After the due date, the citation fine will double and any unpaid fines will be forwarded to Colorado State University Accounts Receivable for collection.

F. The appellant must provide a correct mailing or email address for the decision results to be mailed. If your appeal is denied and you fail to provide a valid mailing address the citation will double and an administrative fee will be assessed 14 days after the appeal was decided.

G. Whenever under these parking regulations a vehicle has been disabled by attachment of a boot or has been impounded, the vehicle owner may request a forthwith appeal hearing before or after obtaining the release of the vehicle. Such forthwith hearing shall be held within two University business days after the appeal request is received at Parking Services.


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