Permit waitlists are utilized for permitted areas where parking spaces are constrained. Waitlists allow customers to sign up to a queue in that area. The queue processes request first come first serve and notifies customers when a permit is available to purchase. In addition, customers can purchase permits in other non-restricted areas while they wait for notification at their preferred parking location.

Aggie Village Apartments

Housing and Dining Services contracts with Parking and Transportation Services to manage permits for the number of spaces available at Aggie Village and Aggie Village Family, ensuring parking is not over-sold.

  1. U permit – parking area (lot 580) directly west of Aggie Village apartments.
  2. T Permit – parking area (lots 631, 633 and 634) across Prospect located at Aggie Village Family apartments. For residents on the East side of Aggie Village, these lots are as close as lot 580 for a lower price.

Permits for the Research Boulevard parking lot (Lot 740 just west of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital) are available as another option or while waiting for a U or T permit.

Residents of Aggie Village Family do not need to sign up for a waitlist. Each lease holder at Aggie Village Family has one T and one Research Boulevard permit available for purchase.

Customers are able to join the waitlist based on their lease. Residents in current leases who extend their leases into the next academic year receive first priority. Residents who are leaving their lease after spring with a gap in their residency will have to reapply and no longer receive first priority. New and returning residents (those with a gap in residency) to the apartments are able to sign up for the waitlist 30 days prior to their lease start date. The priority of the queue is based on when their name enters the waitlist.

Customers adding their name to both waitlists should ensure that they have assigned priority to their preferred permit (U or T) because once you are eligible on the waitlist for your preferred permit, the system will send notification and remove you from your secondary preferred waitlist option. If a permit is not available for your primary waitlist request, the system will automatically go to your secondary preference and send notification once eligible. Individuals on the waitlist will receive notification when the permit is available to purchase and have seven days (day one starts on the notification date) to purchase the permit. If after seven days the permit has not been purchased the permit will be made available to the next customer and you will lose your place on the waitlist and be required to rejoin waitlist.

Sign up for the Aggie Village Apartments waitlist for U or T permits

For more information regarding apartment permits for students or employees.