Colorado State University continues to invest in cycling infrastructure. Bicycling offers a fun and convenient way to get to the CSU campus.PTS-bike

  • You benefit your own health by getting exercise while bicycling, and save time and money.
  • Cycling creates no pollution, improves your health, and provides a flexible commuting option.
  • Bicycles are easy and cheap to maintain, especially compared to an automobile, and parking is more convenient through the multiple bike racks located throughout campus.
  • And, you are helping CSU out by taking a car off the road. Try bicycling to campus today and take the stress of driving out of your daily commute.

Bicycle commuting supports the University’s climate action plan by helping reduce parking space demand on campus while relieving vehicle congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Colorado.

Safe Cycling at CSU

Bicycle Parking

CSU offers more than 17,000 bike parking spaces on campus, with racks conveniently located near the entrance of most buildings (bike parking map). If you’re looking for an extra level of security, check out or secure bicycle parking options.


Below, you will find bike maps for CSU and surrounding communities.

Campus Bicycle Advisory Committeebicycle friendly shield square for email

Have a desire to improve bicycling on campus? Join the Campus Bicycle Advisory Committee. The mission is to promote a safe and enjoyable bicycle experience through awareness, planning and education, and to encourage the environmental and health benefits of bicycles.