Transit can be combined with bicycling to extend your commute options to Colorado State University. Consider riding a bicycle to a nearby transit stop and riding to CSU, or from a CSU transit stop to your campus building.  CSU’s main and south campuses are very well served by the city’s Transfort bus system, especially with the recent addition of MAX. The Foothills Campus is served directly by Transfort bus lines Route 2 and Route 32 with connections to the Foothills Shuttle.

Loading a bicycle on a Transfort bus

All Transfort buses have racks that accommodate up to three bicycles. MAX buses are fitted with racks that accommodate up to four bicycles.

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Bike parking at transit stops and stations

MAX stations feature ample bike parking for your daily transit trip. Many high volume transit stops include bike parking nearby or attached shelters. Visit the Transfort Bike-n-Ride page for more detail.