Bicycle Enforcement


Colorado State University is a League of American Bicyclists Platinum Bicycle Friendly University. As such, we subscribe to the League of American Bicylist’s 5 Es consistent for making great places for bicycling: engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation and planning and enforcement.

Visit the League of American Bicyclists learning module about traffic laws, and view the League of American Bicyclist video on traffic laws below.

The university strives to maintain a safe environment for bicyclists. Review the following resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ride on sidewalks at CSU? No, you can only ride on a sidewalk completely separated from a roadway.
  • Do I need to register my bicycle at CSU? All bicycles and e-scooters ridden or parked on the Colorado State campus must be registered with the CSUPD. An exception will be made for bicyclists who are visitors to campus. The registration decal will also be known as a bicycle license, which is valid for as long as the license is readable. Registration form

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