Looking for people in your neighborhood who might carpool with you to share the cost of a parking permit? Have a group of co-workers who want to vanpool together? 

Upcoming formation meetings

For more information about formation meetings contact Aaron Buckley at 970-491-2492 or aaron.buckley@colostate.edu

Request a formation meeting

Parking and Transportation Services can help you recruit and organize your carpool or vanpool with a CSU employee formation meeting. To request help, contact Aaron Buckley at 970-491-2492 or aaron.buckley@colostate.edu.

Typical formation meeting

A typical formation meeting consists of the following:

  1. Campus-wide recruitment of employees who live in your zip code or community outside Fort Collins via email.
  2. Formation meeting hosted in your building, or a dining hall to introduce carpooling and vanpooling to the interested parties. At the meeting, we will discuss:
    • Work schedule adaptability
    • Pick-up locations
    • Carpool and vanpool parking permits
    • Tips for successful carpools and vanpools (driver safety, accountability, radio rules, etc)
  3. Test ride – We will work with the interested parties to setup a trial carpool ride to try it out. Parking and Transportation Services will provide you with a one-time parking pass for trial at a carpool parking spot.
Carpool Formation Meeting
Carpool Formation Meeting