Safe boarding tips

  • Wear flexible clothing and a helmet.
  • Wear sturdy shoes will help with traction, maneuverability, and braking ability.PTS-longboard
  • Check your board before riding to ensure that every screw is tightened and that your wheel bearings are clean and rotating. Give your board regular tune-ups to help keep your ride smooth.
  • Stay loose during your ride in case of any wipe outs. Seek medical attention if a major accident occurs.
  • Regardless of when you longboard it is always advised that you water-proof your board. This will save you money on maintenance and replacing the frame of your board.
  • Use the bike fix-it stations on campus for minor repairs, or purchase a utility tool that has a screwdriver and socket. This will help secure the deck to the trucks, tighten the lock nuts, and secure your wheels.

Preparing to board each day

  • Check the weather forecast to know if a store might impact your ride and so you can choose the right clothing.
  • Campus maps show dismount zones throughout campus. Longboarders must dismount in these zones between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday – Friday.
  • Construction zones may also require you to dismount, depending on the activity. Use extra caution around these zones, and obey signals from traffic flaggers.
  • Being proactive with designing your route will save you time, allows you to be more efficient, and will ensure that your board will not need addition maintenance due to dirt, rocks or debris.
  • Use Google maps to find trails to CSU.