CSU offers accessible parking across campus following the Americans with Disabilities Act. To use the ADA spaces, parkers must both have ADA authorization and pay for parking. For the convenience of the CSU community, we have ADA parking permits which cover both.

ADA Permit Authorization

  • CSU recognizes ADA plates and placards from all states. To authorize ADA parking on campus associated with a permit, please bring your vehicle ADA plate registration or ADA placard registration to our office so we can have a copy on file.
  • Temporary placards will grant temporary ADA permit authorization.
  • Download and print our medical authorization form and take it to your physician and have them fill out the physician section. Then bring the completed and signed form to our office.
  • Bring a completed and signed state of Colorado ADA application to our office.
  • ADA plates and placards can be used with a regular CSU parking permit or in hourly parking.

ADA Permits

  • If you have a state issued plate or placard or a medical authorization indicating limited mobility, you will be issued a CSU ADA permit for the duration of the authorization.
  • Permanent authorizations have no expiration.
  • If you do not currently have a parking permit, a medical permit will be priced at our monthly, semester, or annual rate.
  • CSU ADA permits are valid in A, B, E, I, Q, S, T, U, W, X, and Z lots, all ADA permit spaces, all ADA time spaces, and ADA client spaces.
  • Student CSU medical A permits are valid in A and Z lots. If you live in a residence hall, the permit will also be valid in the Q, W, or X lots near your hall.
  • Your permit authorizes vehicles linked to it to park in ADA spaces as long as you are the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.
  • IF you are unable to make it into the office, the completed medical authorization form can be emailed to our office for processing

ADA Visitor Parking

  • Short term visitors to campus will usually find it more convenient to use their ADA plate or placard in conjunction with a daily permit or pay for time in an hourly space.
  • Your ADA plate or placard allows parking in ADA spaces as long as the person it is registered to is the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.
  • You must purchase a permit or pay for the time.