All vehicles that park on campus must be connected to a valid parking permit or be linked to a parking meter payment. Departments may only pay for permits for department vehicles and visitors to campus. University funds may not be used to pay for citations or for permits for staff or students. Employees and students may not use permits purchased for department visitors.

Permits for Department Visitors

All department orders for visitor permits must be submitted through Kuali. An IO should be submitted with “PARKING SERVICES” as the Internal Supplier. Please include in the explanation or notes of the Kuali document:

  • Name of the person requesting the permits with a contact phone number or email
  • Number of permits being ordered
  • Type of permits being ordered (standard visitor permits, daily scratch off permits, Moby MB space only permits, or Research Boulevard only permits)


  • Daily scratch-off permits valid in A, Q, W, X, and Z lots are $12 per permit. A discount is offered on orders of 100-999, with each permit costing $11.50, and on orders of 1000 or more, permits are $11.
  • Daily scratch-off permits that are valid in the MB spaces in the Moby Arena lot 195 only are $8 per permit.
  • Daily scratch off permits valid in Research Boulevard lot 740 only are $6 per permit.

Permits are to be used only by visitors to campus, not employees or students.

Permits for Department Vehicles

Vehicles purchased or rented for department use must have a valid permit. A, B, J and RB permits are available depending upon need and the use of the vehicle. The department must purchase permits for vehicles they buy, lease, or rent. Vehicles rented on a temporary basis from the motorpool already have B permits.

A and RB permits are available for all department vehicles. B permits are available to all Housing and Dining Services vehicles and other vehicles that need access to the residence halls and apartments. J permits are only available to vehicles used to service campus buildings.

Department vehicles cannot be parked on campus for more than 72 consecutive hours. Vehicles exceeding that time period without prior approval from Parking and Transportation Services are subject to a citation. Vehicles can be stored for longer periods in the Research Boulevard lot.

Additionally, departments can purchase official business placards. If a department has many vehicles that are not used regularly, they can purchase RB permits for the Research Boulevard lot and an OBP permit good in A and Z lots for when vehicles are needed on campus. They are the same price as the regular A permit.


  • A, B, OBP permits are $600 for an annual permit
  • J permits are $723 for an annual permit
  • RB permits are $258 for an annual permit