Permanent Disability Shuttle Registration Process

Colorado State University (CSU) provides two services for students with permanent disabilities:

  1. Transfort ADA Compliant Bus Routes – CSU and ASCSU have contracted with the City of Fort Collins Transfort to provide on-campus bus transportation services for students at our campuses in Fort Collins. There are a number of ADA compliant routes that students can use to navigate from all resident halls and parking areas including the Around the Horn (main/south campus) and Foothills Shuttles.
  2. Permanent Disability Courtesy Shuttle (Apply Below) – CSU provides a supplemental, first-come, first-served Courtesy Shuttle for students with an eligible permanent ambulatory disability. Ambulatory disabilities are those which significantly impact the ability to walk. Rides are provided when space is available, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, to and from residence halls, designated parking areas, and proximity pick-up locations near Main Campus buildings not immediately adjacent to the Transfort ADA compliant Bus Routes. Note: Students who need an individual ADA ride off campus may request this service by registering with the City of Fort Collins’ Dial-A-Ride program.

Verification for Permanent Disability Courtesy Shuttle

Step 1.

Complete the Disability Shuttle Service Application form. Information on the form must be accurate. All boxes must be completed, blank fields will void application.

Clickable button for the Shuttle Service Application

Step 2.

Fill out the top portion of the Verification Form and ensure all fields are completed accurately. The bottom portion of the form is to be completed by the provider. You can schedule a “Transportation Consult” with the CSU Health and Medical Center at 970-491-7121 at no cost to you (or) use your own provider at your own expense.

The fax number given must be from the location where you were seen. Please return the form via email to or via fax to (970) 491-0076 (ATTN Courtesy Shuttle).

Clickable button to download the Shuttle Verification Form

Step 3.

Review, acknowledge, and submit the Courtesy Mobility Shuttle Guidelines Form.

Clickable button for the Shuttle Guidelines and Acknowledgement Form