Walking: a great way to access campus

Preparing to visit the campus for a concert? Discussion? Event?

Students on the Colorado State University campus. May 6, 2010

Visitors to Colorado State University may find walking to be a convenient and comfortable way to access campus.

If you are willing to walk, here are some ways to use your feet to enjoy our campus:

  • Walking to Campus – CSU is centrally located in Fort Collins.  Old Town, Campus West, Mid-Town, Spring Creek Gardens, and the Old Town Library are within two miles of campus.
  • Perimeter Parking Lots – CSU has parking lots on the perimeter of campus with readily-available meter parking, and daily and hourly parking permits. Save yourself the time of hunting for a parking spaces by parking on a perimeter lot and walking into the campus core.
  • Walk from Max or Transit CenterMAX and most transit routes on Transfort come to Colorado State University.  Give transit a try and walk to your destination from campus once you arrive.
  • Bike then Walk – CSU is a bike-friendly university with more than 14 miles of trails and bike lanes. Park your bike in one of our 18,000 bike racks spaces near most major buildings on campus.  You can walk the rest of the way.

If you are on campus after dark, consider requesting a SafeWalk. This free service, provided by CSUPD, makes a safe escort available to walk with you anytime from dusk to dawn from any campus location to another campus location or a location within in three block radius. Call (970) 491-1155 to request an escort.


Below, you will find maps for CSU and surrounding communities. This tutorial can help you use Google Maps to navigate to CSU by walking.