What is a vanpool?

A vanpool is a group of five people with similar commutes — they start at the same time and travel to the same destination — of 10 to 80 miles to and from work who share a comfortable van. They usually live and work in the same areas and work roughly the same hours.17046_00237-web

Vanpool members pay a monthly fare that helps cover the costs of the van, fuel, maintenance and insurance. Driving responsibility is shared and negotiated among the drivers. Two vanpool providers operate in Northern Colorado.

Why vanpool?

  • Put the wear and tear on the van, not your personal vehicle. Vanpooling covers the fuel, maintenance, insurance and depreciation
  • CSU provides designated vanpool parking on the main campus
  • CSU will cover the first month’s fare for each CSU vanpooler
  • Vanpool groups have access to Park-and-Ride lots and the use of HOV lanes – a huge time-saving benefit
  • Everyone shares the driving. You only have to drive once a week, if at all

Vanpools meet the university’s Climate Action Plan by helping reduce parking space demand on campus while relieving vehicle congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Colorado.

How does vanpooling work?

Parking and Transportation Service can help you get started:

  1. Our department will host a vanpool formation meeting for you. Call Parking and Transportation Services to request a meeting and we’ll contact employees that live near you about carpooling. Call (970) 491-2492
  2. Review available and forming routes

What happens if I have an emergency and I do not have my car?

In case of emergency, we provide registered vanpoolers with an emergency ride home twice per year should you need a ride home and you don’t have a car available to you.

Where would I park?

Vanpoolers will have designated parking on campus. Each vanpool purchases a parking permit and should request a designated lot for parking the vanpool at the time of application.

When can I start vanpooling?

A vanpool permit can be requested at any time. Please allow two weeks for a designated parking location to signed for the vanpool.