Driving and parking

Efficient and convenient parking starts with learning about parking options on campus. Parking opportunities on campus are balanced with the size of campus and our alternative transportation options available to students, faculty and staff.

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid CSU parking permit or park in designated hourly parking spaces and pay at a pay station. Vehicles must be parked so that a valid mounted license plate or temporary registration is clearly visible from the drive lane.parking-icon-car

Parking and Transportation Services coordinates parking options on campus and with the Parking Services Committee. Together, we determine the optimum arrangement for campus parking options to help accommodate the maximum number of vehicles on campus. Campus parking regulations are updated periodically to reflect changes.


Parking permits are priced competitively with our peer institutions. Our online services are available to anyone with a university electronic ID. Visitors and guests also can get a permit to meet their needs.

Purchasing a permit does not guarantee that a desired parking area will be available. Please allow adequate time to park and walk to your destination or take Around the Horn from your parking lot. More information about Around the Horn.

More information about parking permits.

Hourly parking

Our pay-to-park pay stations use license plate numbers to register parking. Pay-to-park hourly designated spaces are located next to some of the most accessed buildings on campus, such as the Morgan Library and the Lory Student Center.

More information about short-term parking and daily permits.


Parking on campus is monitored through a virtual permit system that scans your license plate. Your license plate is linked to your parking permit or hourly parking payment.

Parking and Transportation Services enforces parking regulations under the authority of the Board of Governors. Parking is enforced 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday or as posted, including fall, winter, spring and summer breaks.

Please carefully review signs posted at the entrance to each parking area for specific enforcement times and permit requirements. Residence hall parking spaces and other designated areas have extended enforcement hours. CSU apartments, Lake Street Garage and South College Ave Garage restrictions are applicable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Citations are issued to support safety on our campuses and ensure individuals paying to park have access to parking.

We want everyone who is a part of the campus community to understand our processes and we strive to give you the resources you need to answer your questions.

More information about citations.

More information about appeals.

Financial operations

The university parking program is a self-supporting operation. This means that parking must pay for itself at CSU; parking permit fees are the primary source of revenue. Other sources of revenue are hourly pay stations and parking citations. All the money collected from parking ventures goes to support parking.

Parking and Transportation Services does not receive tax or tuition money. The money collected from permit sales, hourly parking and citations fees pays for all parking costs. These costs include new construction, parking lot and garage maintenance, signs and enforcement, parking operations, parking and transportation infrastructure, and alternative transportation options.