Riding an e-scooter or e-bike is a fast, easy way to get from class to class, run errands, and even a short commute. They are a great option for students, employees, and visitors to Colorado State University.


image of Spin vehicle's basket with City of Fort Collins logo in the backgroundSpin e-bike and e-scooter share program launched in Fort Collins in July 2021. Spin users download an app to access devices and begin and end trips.
Download the App: App Store /Google Play

Read Spin FAQs at the City of Fort Collins’ Spin page

Follow the guidelines below for operating and parking shared scooters/bikes, or your privately-owned electric or gas-powered scooter, on campus.

E-Scooter and E-Bike Rules of the Road

E-Scooters and E-Bikes ARE:

  • Allowed on bike trails and in bike lanes on university property
  • Required to follow all university traffic laws and regulations
  • Required to stop at stop signs
  • Required to use hand signals to signal direction
  • Required to be slowed to 8 mph in slow zones and walked through dismount zones on university grounds
  • Required to be registered with CSUPD if personally owned
  • Required to be parked upright at bike racks
  • Fun and convenient – when ridden legally and safely!

E-Scooters and E-Bikes are NOT:

  • Allowed on university sidewalks
  • Allowed inside university buildings – either for storage or charging
  • Allowed on city bike trails off campus (with the exception of e-bikes; Level 1 and 2 e-bikes are allowed on paved trails in Fort Collins)
  • Immune from traffic regulations or fines
  • To be ridden through dismount zones
  • Allowed on city buses, including MAX and Around the Horn
  • To be ridden dangerously or carelessly

To report careless riding or disruptive parking of e-scooters on university property, please call the CSU Police Department non-emergency line at (970) 491-6425. For more information on rules and regulations, please visit: police.colostate.edu/bike-traffic/.


CSU Alternative Transportation Manager, Aaron Fodge: (970) 491-2823, aaron.fodge@colostate.edu
Non-emergency CSU Police (970)491-6425

For E-Scooter and E-Bike Owners

Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes

Privately-owned electric scooters and electric bikes are treated as bicycles on CSU campuses. Owners should do the following:

  • Register their e-scooter or e-bike with CSU Police ($10 one-time fee)
  • Park at bike racks and use a lock
  • Operate their e-scooter or e-bike in bike lanes and shared use paths on campuses (not on sidewalks)
  • Obey dismount and slow zones

Gas Scooters

Colorado State University considers motorcycles and gas-powered scooters governed by all regulations applicable to other motor vehicles. In addition, CSU regulations apply:

  • When parked in an area where a CSU parking permit is required, motorcycles and gas-power scooters must have a motorcycle permit and be parked in stalls specifically signed for motorcycle parking. The motorcycle or scooter must display the university’s motorcycle parking permit so that it can be easily seen, the permit must be correctly linked to a valid CSU parking permit, and the permit must be permanently affixed to the front headlight, windshield, license plate frame, or rear fender.
  • When parked in metered, short term and hourly stalls, motorcycles and low-power scooters may be parked in regular vehicle parking spaces if you pay for time at a pay station or meter.
  • Gas-power scooters, mopeds, and gas-motorized bicycles are prohibited from parking at bicycle racks, and are not allowed on shared or separated bicycle or pedestrian trails on campus.