Parking and Transportation Services provides all employees a free bus pass on their RamCard. You can ride any Transfort route in the city, via bus or MAX. More than 50 percent of employees who live in Fort Collins have access to a Transfort stop within a quarter mile of their home. Let someone else do the driving, and catch up on a few emails or just focus on you. On campus, catch the Around the Horn shuttle to get you across campus, to the Research Blvd Parking Lot, and onto the Veterinary Teaching Hospital campus. Live outside Fort Collins? Catch the FLEX in Boulder, Longmont, and Loveland, too.Colorado State University Around the Horn Shuttle Wrap Unveiled

Contact the CSU transportation team at 970-491-7600 or email.

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When is the bus coming?

Transfort has taken the guessing out of when the bus is coming. The following tools will ease your mind and find the next bus:

  1. Download the RideTransfort App: This application provides a map of all stops and routes based on your location. Quickly find out when the bus is coming.
  2. Bookmark the Bus Tracker: From your computer, you can select a route and see where it is along the route. No guessing when the bus is coming.
  3. Google Maps Routing: Google has all Transfort routes and time uploaded. Just enter your start and destination locations and you’ll be on your way.
  4. How to Read a Bus Schedule: This step-by-step guide helps you read the bus schedule.

What is in place to ensure my safety on transit?

All Transfort passenger buses are equipped with a mobile video security system to allow Transfort operations and law enforcement staff to view live video feeds from nearby vehicles, improving the safety and security of operators and passengers.

Transfort can also use GPS data reported through this system to identify the exact location of buses along their routes. This information is useful for daily operations and allows dispatchers to monitor and actively manage buses, and the ability to provide live vehicle location information could prove very valuable in an emergency situation.

The Around the Horn shuttle lollipop signs on the Colorado State University campusTaking a bus in the evening? Ask for a SafeWalk to your bus from anywhere on campus.

Can I purchase a parking permit for the days I can’t take the bus to work?

Yes, Parking and Transportation Services provides a couple options for transit commuters:

  • Monthly: An employee can purchase a parking permit per month, including for just the winter months
  • 10-Packs: A 10-pack of daily hangtag permits can be purchased for the days a commuter needs to drive to and park on campus.

Learn more about permit options.