Parking and Transportation Services is undergoing a master plan update that will serve as the framework for the evolution of transportation on campus in the next 10 years. The last plan was developed in 2014 and was used to determine parking supply ratios and prioritize certain parking and mobility goals. This update will seek to build on the prior plan with a specific emphasis on Transportation Demand Management (TDM) elements in anticipation of the 2024 CSU Master Plan update. The plan will also seek to help CSU achieve its goal of carbon neutrality as detailed in the Climate Action Plan.

What is Transportation Demand Management?

The Federal Highway Administration defines Transportation Demand Management as a set of strategies aimed at maximizing traveler choices. At CSU, we use Transportation Demand Management to to ensure safe, equitable access to campus for all modes of travel.

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In August of 2022, CSU contracted with the Kimley-Horn consulting firm to begin the development of the Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP) update and began with an analysis of existing data. This analysis coupled with with the stakeholder input received in the following phases will inform the final recommendations.

  • Distribute electronic survey to CSU community
  • Engage in person at key locations on campus
  • 3-4 scheduled focus groups
  • Solicit public comment on draft charter
  • Present final plan to Master Plan Committee for consideration
  • Announce final adoption