Our campus is historically laid out for walking. Residence halls are situated on the western edge of campus to provide you a daily walk to the campus core on the east and center of the campus.

  • Walking to class takes wear and tear off your personal vehicle while saving you money on fuel, maintenance, and insurance.
  • Walking can provide you a significant component of your weekly fitness while you walk to your classes.
  • Facilities Management is very active in removing snow from our sidewalks and trails to help you walk year round.
  • You are helping CSU by reducing the number of cars congesting campus roads and parking areas.

We have trails for walkers and pedestrians that feed into the campus core without the interference of automobiles on campus.  Learn more about the campus layout.

Preparing to walk to campus

  • Plan Your Route: If you aren’t familiar with the route, consider using Google maps to map your route to CSU.
  • Give Yourself Some Time: Until you know how fast you walk, give yourself additional time.
  • Carry a Raincoat and Umbrella: Showers come inconsistently in Fort Collins. A raincoat and umbrella can come in handy.
  • SafeWalk: If you find yourself walking on campus between dusk and dawn, you can access the CSU Police Department SafeWalk program to have someone walk with you from any campus location to another campus location or a location within a three block area of campus.  Call (970) 491-1155 for a safe escort from a campus safety officer.

Resources for walking at CSU


Below, you will find maps for CSU and surrounding communities.  Use this tutorial to simply use Google maps to navigate to CSU by walking.