CSU parking regulations are updated periodically. For your convenience, they are broken in to six categories.

Page 1 – General Information

Page 2 – Definitions

Page 3 – Parking Permits, Restricted Parking Areas

Page 4 – Parking Violations, Miscellaneous Regulations

Page 5 – Boot or Impound of Vehicles in Violations, Appeal Procedure

Page 6 – Delinquent Parking Violations, Fees and Penalties, Zone Enforcement

 Printable PDF copy of regulations

Changes to the regulations and to the parking program begin at the local level where proposals are heard by the Parking Services Committee. The committee is based on a membership of twelve people, comprised of six student (four undergrads and two graduates), two seats each from faculty, administrative professional and state classified areas. In addition, the committee has advisory positions which include representatives from Housing and Dining Services and the CSU Police Department. This group reviews all proposals for program and policy changes, approves or denies special requests and makes recommendations to the Provost for changes to university parking regulations.

Suggestions and proposals are encouraged. Parking and Transportation Services is always looking for ways to improve how they can serve their customers. Anyone interested in serving on the Parking Services Committee should call Parking and Transportation Services for information on how to apply.