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About 80 percent of CSU employees live in Fort Collins, which is a League of American Bicyclists Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community and a CSU is a Platinum Bicycle Friendly University.

CSU is served across the city by numerous low-stress bike routes, trails and lanes that provide efficient access to the campus core. Bicycle commuting can be a significant addition to your weekly fitness regime while allowing you to save money on fueling, insuring, and parking your personal vehicle.

Try bicycling to campus today and take the stress of driving out of your daily commute.

Visit our detailed bicycle commuting page for bike maps, safety information, and training.

Contact the CSU transportation team at 970-491-2492 or email. Read Employee Bicycle Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a safe route to campus?

The bicycle commuter should select a route that matches his or her level of comfort on the bike.  To get started, study city and campus trails. The City of Fort Collins has uploaded all bike routes and trails into Google Maps (use this tutorial to map your route).  CSU and Fort Collins provide a downloadable bike map. Learn more about the differences between riding on campus vs off campus.  Consider scheduling a personalized travel training by Parking and Transportation staff by calling 970-491-2492.

Remember, all bicycles on campus need to be registered. Registration is an easy process, and the form is available online.

Bicycle commuters celebrate Bike to Work Day at breakfast station on the Colorado State University Oval, June 25, 2014.

Can I park my bike inside my office or classroom building?

Parking a bike inside of a campus building is not permitted, per university policy. Safety concerns and university liability and efforts to minimize the cost of building maintenance require that bikes (and all other wheeled conveyances) be prohibited from the interior spaces of campus buildings. Wheeled conveyances are defined as motor vehicles, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, or similar appliances. Wheelchairs or other means of mobility for individuals with a disability are not included in the definition. Small items such as skateboards or roller blades may be carried into the buildings. Bicycles or bikes are prohibited in buildings.

CSU now offers a keycard-accessible Secure Bicycle Parking Shelter at the University Max Station, perfect for leaving your bicycle overnight, or connecting to transit. Permits for the shelter are available for purchase for CSU students and employees. Learn more at our Secure Bicycle Parking page or by calling 970-491-7041.

Can I purchase a parking permit for the days I can’t bike to work?

Yes, Parking and Transportation Services provides a couple options for bicycle commuters:

  • Monthly permit: An employee can purchase a parking permit by month, including for just the winter months.
  • 10-Packs: A 10-pack of daily hangtag permits may be purchased for use on days when a commuter needs to drive and park on campus.

Learn more about permit options.

Where can I purchase a bike on campus?

Surplus Property is the reuse, resale, and recycle point for all assets owned by Colorado State University.  New items are received daily and inventory is constantly changing.  This is a great place to purchase a gently used bicycle at a reasonable price.  Click here to visit the Surplus Property website.