What is longboarding?

A longboard is a longer version of a skateboard. The longer board allows for larger wheels, which makes for faster speeds (in excess of 10 mph). Increased speeds makes long boards practical for commuting to CSU from a nearby residence, from a transit stop, or a parked vehicle.

Why longboard?

Colorado State University supports longboarding as a commute option. Long board speeds make commuting inexpensive and practical to access the core of campus. Longboard racks are placed across campus for convenient storage near building entrances.PTS-longboard-2-01

Where can I board?

Outside: Colorado State University has many regulations that are specific to campus and are different compared to Colorado laws. Our priority is the safety of longboarders and those around them.

While longboarders are not on a bicycle, they are not considered a pedestrian, either, when it comes to university regulations. CSU wants to encourage the best experience for everyone on campus and this requires a shared use of all the sidewalks and trails. Longboarders are required to adhere to dismount zones and use good judgment when areas are congested. Read about the laws for proper longboarding in Colorado:

Inside buildings: As a rule, longboards are considered “wheeled devices,” which means they are not allowed in academic buildings.  Longboard racks are available across campus to assist with storing longboards outside of buildings. Learn more about longboard racks.

How can I start?

Fort Collins has a number of vendors who can fit you to a board. Colorado State University provides bike maintenance stations across campus, which are equipped with tools to help you fix your board.

Find a maintenance station.