Walking to campus

Many Colorado State University employees walk to work. In fact, employees have been walking to work for more than 100 years.

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Bartrum walking on campus on November 30, 1946. Photo was taken for C.S.C. Students and written in the 'name' field is "Ed Servio".

The university strives to keep walkways convenient and accessible throughout campus. You are benefiting your own health by getting exercise while walking, and you are helping CSU by taking a car off the road. Try walking to campus today and take the stress of driving out of your daily commute.

Taking the first steps

How do I plan for walking to campus?

  • Plan your route: If you aren’t familiar with a route, consider using Google maps (tutorial) to map your route to CSU.
  • Give yourself time: Until you know how fast you walk, give yourself some additional time.
  • Carry a raincoat and umbrella: Showers come inconsistently in Fort Collins. A raincoat and umbrella may come in handy.
  • SafeWalk: If you find yourself walking on campus between dusk and dawn, you can access the CSU Police Department Safewalk program to have someone walk with you from any campus location to another campus location or a location within a three block area of campus. Call (970) 491-1155 for a safe escort from a campus safety officer.

What is a walking meeting?

Link your ideas, your words, and your feet all together by scheduling a walking meeting. Instead of sitting in chairs around tables, look outside to have your meetings. This may take some creativity, or it may just have you walk to the destination that you are talking about instead of showing it on a PowerPoint.

By taking part of walking meetings, you are getting physical activity for both you and your employees. This allows them to be healthy, more energized, and alert during your meeting. It will also provide fresh air and light as you get out of your building. This can segue easily into small group discussions if you need to have multiple perspectives and then reconvene once you get to a destination or back at your office.

More information on how to host a walking meeting.

Record Your Steps

Record your steps as you walk through your day with the Engage Wellbeing phone app. Engage is your personalized health assistant. It’s provided for free by Colorado State University for employees in partnership with Anthem and is completely confidential. You can also see your healthcare, medical claims, and employer benefits in one place; access care and telehealth on-the-go; discover your employer perks and programs; and earn points for hitting your wellbeing goals.

For the iOS app visit: apps.apple.com/us/app/engage-wellbeing/

For the Android app visit: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anthemengage.mobile&hl=en_US&gl=US