Photo of Secure Bike Shelter at University Max Station
Secure bike shelter at University Max Station

Secure bicycle parking at Colorado State University is a storage option for those using a bicycle to commute to and around campus. If you need an efficient way to get around campus during the day, consider bringing a bicycle to store in a secure shelter. With a registered bicycle and a valid permit, there is no limit on the amount of time your bicycle can be stored, even overnight or breaks.

Any CSU employee or student with an active RamCard is eligible for a bicycle parking permit in our secure shelters. Bicycles parked inside the structure must have a current barcoded bicycle registration sticker from the CSU Police Department and a current permit for the secure facility from Parking and Transportation Services.

The shelters
Bicycle shelters are shared storage areas with a secure locking system and protection from the weather typically in a garage or a stand-alone bicycle cage. Shelters protect a bicycle not only from adverse weather conditions but also deter theft and vandalism. Space in the bicycle shelters is available to rent on a first-come, first-served basis. All shelters are programmed to be opened only by a valid bicycle parking permit holder using their RamCard.

Any bicycle without a valid bicycle parking permit will be impounded by the CSU Police Department at the owner’s expense. Valid permit holders providing access to non-permit holders are subject to having their permit revoked.


  • Lake Street Parking Garage
  • University Max Station

Each secure parking location has the following features:

  • Security cameras record entry, exit, and activity within the facility
  • 24/7 secure access via RamCard
  • Self-service fix-it repair stand with tools and pump
  • Bicycle lock storage rack

Sign up

To sign up for secure bicycle parking, please follow the two-step process below:

1. Obtain a bicycle registration sticker with barcode from CSU police (750 Meridian St., CSU)

Purchase of a bicycle parking permit requires a valid, barcoded bicycle registration sticker affixed to your bicycle from the CSU Police Department. Since the CSU police recently started using barcode stickers, even if your bike is already registered, it may not have the a barcoded sticker.

Bicycle already registered?        Not registered yet?
If the sticker currently affixed to your bicycle does not have a barcode, visit the CSU Police Department at 750 Meridian Ave. to replace your current sticker with a new barcoded sticker at no additional cost. Visit the CSU Police Department to register your bicycle for $10. You will be given a barcoded sticker to place on your bicycle. You will be in compliance with campus regulations and better protected against bicycle theft.

2. Purchase your secure bicycle parking permit

$62 Fall and spring semester
$38 Summer
$80 Annual
(*Prorated when purchased mid-semester or year)

Your permit may be purchased through Parking and Transportation Services by calling (970) 491-7041 or in person at the Lake Street Garage located at 1508 Center Ave (near the intersection of Center and Prospect). Please have your registration barcode number handy.

You will be granted access to the secure shelter via your RamCard upon purchasing your permit (please allow one business day, as access is granted manually). The shelters will not be oversold as you will be securing a space for the duration of your permit.

Existing permit-holders may renew their permit each semester or annually. An offer to renew will be distributed prior to the beginning of each semester. The renewal offer must be accepted before the included deadline to hold the spot.

New applicants can place themselves on a wait list if the secure bicycle parking facility is full. Wait lists are reviewed regularly and applicants will be sent an offer to purchase when one of their wait list locations opens up. To inquire about availability or to be placed on a wait list, contact Erika Benti at (970) 491-7600 or

Contact Parking and  Transportation Services at (970) 491-7041 for more information.

University MAX Station

  • 35 spaces
  • CORA hanger racks/wall mount
  • Proximity: CEMML/Student Services/Military Science/GSB / Facilities/Christiansen Field/National Lab for Genetic Resource Preservation
  • Transit: MAX, FLEX, and Horn
  • Outdoor self-service fix-it repair stand

Lake Street Garage

  • 60 spaces
  • CORA hanger racks
  • Proximity: Aggie Village/MRB/Physiology/Gifford/Environmental Health/Yates/Chemisty/HEOC
  • Transit: Horn
  • Indoor self-service fix-it repair stand