Nationally, the League of American Bicyclists ranks universities, communities, and businesses based on their bicycle friendliness. Colorado State University and the City of Fort Collins are in a unique position of having both achieved the Platinum level designation for universities and communities respectively. Fort Collins also has the highest number of bicycle friendly businesses in the nation. Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community are committed to making bicycling an easy choice for all.

Students riding their bikes near the Intramural Fields on the Colorado State University campus. September 07, 2010Bicycling off campus

Fort Collins has miles of bike routes, lanes, and trails which can bring you to CSU. Our city’s flat terrain and 300 days of sunshine make riding a bicycle practical. Shared use trails, like the Mason Trail or Spring Creek Trail, will bring you to campus or you can ride in the many dedicated bike lanes in Fort Collins. While not advised in most areas, Fort Collins also allows bicycling on sidewalks. Google maps provide an easy way to map your route to campus.

For winter bicycling, please view the latest city snow plow priority routes.

Bicycling on campus

During the academic year, Colorado State becomes a dense, urban environment where bicycles are the primary mode of transportation for many students and employees. Campus provides bike trails and routes to access the pedestrian core of campus, the Center Avenue Mall, and associated academic buildings. Thousands of daily bicycle commuters take advantage of this access, while Rambassadors provide onsite education to bicyclists and pedestrians.

Tips for navigating on-campus:

  • Bicycle congestion: Bicycle congestion is at its highest on weekdays during the times between classes, typically 10 minutes before the hour. Slow down, be audible, and use hand signals. The stop signal is particularly useful when bicyclists are behind you.
  • Enforcement: The Colorado State University Police Department has a responsibility to enforce safe cycling behavior. We emphasize a safe, predictable bicycle culture on campus. Learn more about our bicycle rules and regulations.
  • Bicycle parking: We have more than 16,000 bicycle parking spaces on campus. The vast majority are CORA style racks painted green. Look for them at your destination on campus.
  • Dismount zones: The Center Avenue Mall is preserved for pedestrians which include our students, employees, and visitors. Creating this pedestrian zone enhances safety and the campus experience. Please walk your bicycle through this and all other dismount zones to access buildings or your route on the other side. Dismount zones are enforced from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. Dismount zones are marked with signs and painted symbols on the pavement.
  • Separated trails: CSU is a recognized leader in separated trails. Separated trails give pedestrians and bicycles their own separated path and are marked with signs. Ride in the designated bicycle trail when you encounter one of these (click here to learn about all campus trail types).
  • Speed limits: Bicyclists must obey the posted speed limits of 20 miles per hour on campus streets and 10 miles per hour in parking lots.
  • Sidewalks: Bicyclists may not ride on sidewalks that are adjacent to streets, unless posted otherwise. Other sidewalks may be used, providing that bicyclists yield right-of-way to pedestrians. Bicyclists must dismount on any sidewalk where riding is impractical due to heavy pedestrian use or other conflict.

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