Longboard racks are provided around campus so that you don’t need to carry your board everywhere you go. Longboard Eddy

Our longboard racks require a simple pad lock. Just slide your board into an open slot and hook your lock between the two rings above and below your board.

Longboard racks are available throughout campus, including:

  • Recreation Center
  • Hartshorn Health Center
  • Rockwell Hall
  • Lory Student Center on the east and west sides
  • Guggenheim Hall
  • Eddy Hall
  • Durrel Center on the north and east sides
  • Corbett Hall
  • Allison Hall
  • Academic Village commons (Ram’s Horn)
  • Braiden Hall

Map of longboard rack locations

Longboards and skateboards, along with any wheeled transportation, including bikes, are not allowed in buildings.

Requesting a longboard rack

Parking and Transportation Services will entertain requests for an additional longboard rack at your building based on demand and available resources. Please use the form below to schedule an assessment of your building for a rack:

  • Please enter your rack request here
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.