Appealing a Citation

To contest a citation please follow the process outlined below.  Appeals are reviewed within 2-3 business days of submission. If there are any questions or concerns as to why a citation was issued, please contact our office by email or phone in addition to filing the appeal.

Citation must fall into one of three categories listed below to qualify for this simple review. The citation will be upheld if it does not meet the criteria outlined below. If the citation is upheld during this review, the person responsible for the citation will be notified and may request a complex appeal review. To file a simple appeal, the person who received the citation:

• Has not received a citation warning dating back to August and citation does not relate to parking in a fire or bike lane, ADA space, football game day, or other safety related violations.


• Parked in a correct parking space and was in the process of paying for parking at time of citation.


• Parked correctly in a parking space and paid for parking or had a valid CSU permit during time of citation, yet entered information incorrectly into a pay station, online parking account or the Park Mobile app

All other appeals, that do not meet the Simple Appeal criteria.

$10 administrative processing fee assessed if citation is not dismissed.

An appeal in this category requires a more extensive investigation and may require an independent Appeal Board review.
The Appeal Board is made up of staff and students who are not affiliated with Parking and Transportation Services.

Appeal Diagram End

After filing either a simple or complex appeal your citation will be placed on hold and there will be no billing or payment changes during our appeal review. After the review is complete you will be notified through the contact information provided on the appeal. If the citation was not dismissed during the appeal review, you will have an additional 14 days to pay the citation from the appeal resolution date. If the appeal was filed incorrectly as a simple appeal and requires routing to a complex appeal process, you will be contacted and notified that you can pay the citation or request to have the appeal moved to a complex appeal review process, where a $10 processing fee may be assessed. Only after you submit a response approving the movement of the appeal will the appeal be further reviewed under the complex appeal process.


When determining whether to file an appeal, please consider that appeals cannot be approved for the reasons below:

  • Parked in a fire lane or along a red curb*
  • Parked in an area that is not designated for parking*
  • Parked in a bike lane*
  • Parked in a crosswalk*
  • Other vehicles also were parked against regulations in the same area*
  • Frustration over receiving a valid citation
  • Parking against parking regulations for a brief period of time (“Running in for a minute”)
  • Parking in an area that is not a designated loading zone
  • Financial inability to pay the fine
  • Lack of knowledge of CSU parking regulations, or disregarding regulations
  • Late to class or appointment
  • Unable to find a parking space
  • Had flashers on when you received the citation
  • Didn’t have money or change available to pay for short term parking at a pay station
  • Stayed longer than expected in a loading zone
  • Stayed longer than expected in an hourly space and didn’t pay to extend time
  • Illegally parked in an ADA space

*Citations for parking in non-designated areas carry higher fees due to the safety risk imposed on the university. More information regarding parking regulations.