Permit sharing is an available strategy for two or more individuals to share the usage of a valid CSU parking permit by splitting the cost and coordinating travel.

Why Share a Parking Permit?

  • Reduces the full cost of the permit between the involved parties
  • Can help take advantage of remote and hybrid scheduling parking demands
  • Carpooling with shared permit can reduce wear and tear on vehicles

How Can we Purchase a Shared Permit?

  • The employee or student permit must be purchased from a single account. It is up to the party to decide who will make the purchase
    • Please note that payment cannot be split into multiple transactions or forms of tender
  • Once the permit is purchased, the permit holder should add their vehicle(s) to their account and the permit. Vehicles belonging to the additional users should be added to the shared permit only, and not the permit holder’s account
    • The permit holder is free to manage this themselves or provide account access to the other party

How is the Shared Permit Used?

  • The parties involved are to decide how best to utilize the permit, whether that be carpooling, or using alternating days based on a hybrid schedule
  • There are no specific ‘Shared Permit’ spaces on any of our campuses, making the permit valid in any of its traditionally available parking spaces
  • If the account has an Electric Vehicles (EV) permit on it, those space accommodations will only apply to the eligible vehicles on the permit
  • Only one vehicle can be parked on campus simultaneously when sharing the permit
    • If multiple vehicles on a single permit must be parked on campus at the same time, please contact our office to purchase a virtual daily permit, stop by to get a physical hangtag, or utilize hourly parking.