A campus designed for walking

Colorado State University is a campus designed for the pedestrian experience. We strive to make walking experience safe, enjoyable, clear of snow, lit, and easy to navigate for students, employees, or visitors of our campus.

Our campus master plan has preserved the pedestrian experience with the following tenets:

  • Pedestrians core: Preserved area from the Lory Student Center to Lake Street, East Drive to Mountain Loop. This area is for pedestrians to move freely without the interruption of other modes of transportation and a dismount zone is enforced.
  • Great green: A forty-acre park spanning Shields Street to the Oval, west to east through the campus. This park is bordered and criss-crossed with trails for pedestrians, bicycles, and long boards.
  • View corridor: A view to the west and the Rocky Mountains is preserved for all to enjoy. This view makes our campus distinct without buildings to obstruct it.
  • Automobile parking on the perimeter: The vast majority of parking on campus is placed on the perimeter of campus to reduce the number of trips across and through campus.  These lots are supported by sidewalks, trails, and transit to feed into the pedestrian core.
Campus Master Guiding Principles
Campus Master Guiding Principles