Vehicle donations

Colorado State University is pleased to accept vehicle donations for use by University departments. When a vehicle is donated to CSU, the vehicle becomes property of Colorado State University, not the receiving department, and subject to all the University’s operating guidelines and keys

If a vehicle is donated for immediate sale, the donor’s charitable deduction is limited to the actual sales price of the vehicle, boat, or plane when sold by the University. Since the University’s practice is to accept and retain the property, the donor may claim a deduction of the vehicles fair market value.

The vehicle will be earmarked for use by the receiving department, when applicable, until the vehicle is no longer needed or the vehicle is no longer useful. If the department utilizing the vehicle no longer needs the vehicle, the vehicle will be reassigned to another department. When it is determined the vehicle is no longer usable, the vehicle will be sold and the proceeds will be put into the University vehicle fund.

Steps for donating your vehicle

The donor or the department receiving the donation will contact University Development and Advancement at 970-491-7328 to start the donation process.

The following requirements must be met to donate vehicles:

  • Donor will supply the vehicle title as proof the donor actually owns the vehicle with no loans outstanding. CSUF will not assume the balance on any auto loans.
  • Verify the title has no liens attached by checking with the state of Colorado.
  • Determine the fair market value of the vehicle, not the Blue Book value. If this value is more than $5,000, it will need an appraisal. This value is required because the Foundation can lose its tax-exempt status if IRS determines that we assisted the donor in establishing an inflated value.
  • Include a statement from the recipient department detailing need and how the vehicle will be used.
  • Obtain donor’s social security number and current address prior to accepting the vehicle.
  • A letter of gift for use when transferring title.
  • Contact Tiffany Glover at Transportation Services, 970-491-0176. The vehicle will be evaluated for:
    • Vehicle condition including: age, mileage, overall condition
    • Repairs needed prior to the vehicle being accepted
    • Is the vehicle acceptable for the planned use
    • Arrange for insurance and mileage charge to dept for usage
  • Donor will provide an emissions test, when applicable.
  • Remind donor to remove and keep their license plates.
  • Temporary plates must be purchased in the donor’s county, when applicable.
  • Notify the Controller at CSUF if and when the vehicle is sold and provide the selling price.

Results will be sent to University Development and Advancement where a decision will be made to accept or deny the donation. University Development and Advancement will advise the department of the decision and outline the procedures that need to be followed.

  • If the vehicle is accepted for use, any necessary repairs will be completed and charged to the receiving department by Transportation Services. The vehicle will then be titled and registered in the University’s name and be subject to the standard use, insurance, and administration fees.
  • If the vehicle does not qualify for use by the University, the vehicle may still be donated. The vehicle will be sold and the funds will be put towards the University’s vehicle purchase fund.