Vehicle Liability Insurance

Vehicle liability insurance on bodily injury and property damage is provided through the university Risk Management Office, which can be reached at (970) 491-1432. This insurance provides coverage for others when the University vehicle is at fault. If a third party is negligent and insured, damage to the University vehicle will be collected from the other vehicle’s insurer. The insurance policy does not provide University vehicles physical damage, collision, fire or theft coverage. Passengers who are not Colorado State University students, faculty, or staff members are afforded no protection under the policy and are advised not to ride in University siren graphic retro

Coverage for physical damage to University vehicles is paid through a university-funded account, with a $2,500 deductible. Funding for this account is collected through the vehicle mileage rate charged by Transportation Services. Only vehicles paying the monthly mileage fee to Transportation Services are covered by this account. If it is determined the University vehicle was at fault causing an accident, the department operating the vehicle at the time of the accident will be billed for the first $2500 for the repair of the vehicle. The remaining cost, if any, will be paid through the self-funded account. Except in instances where the cost of the repair to University vehicle is covered by an insurance settlement or by prompt payments received from a person or a group of persons admitting responsibility for the damage.

Vehicle Accidents

Anyone involved in an accident with a state or University vehicle, whether or not there are any physical damages must report the accident to local authorities immediately or within 24 hours when an officer is not available. In addition to the police report, a university accident report must be completed as required by Transportation Services.

Insurance information is contained in the operator’s manual in the blue packet inside the vehicle. Departments are responsible for the first $2500 in repairs to the vehicle. Employees utilizing personal vehicles for business use are not covered under the University insurance policy. The operator’s personal auto policy will be in force.

Drivers involved in an accident should report the accident to the department head and local police or, if on campus, to CSU police at 970-491-6425, immediately. Authorities can render assistance and officially inspect the scene of the accident. The following procedures should be followed:

  1. Stop immediately.
  2. Take steps to prevent another accident at the scene.
  3. Call a doctor or ambulance, if necessary.
  4. Notify police.
  5. DO NOT sign any paper or make any statement as to who was at fault (except later to your supervisor).
  6. Get name and address of each witness.
  7. State your name, address, place of employment, name of your supervisor, and upon request show your operator’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance card.
  8. Secure the following information:
    1. Registration information for other vehicle or vehicles including owner’s name, license plate number, expiration date and state, vehicle serial number.
    2. Information on other driver or drivers including name, address, operator’s license number and expiration date.
    3. Name and address of the company insuring other vehicle or vehicles.
    4. Name and address of each person involved and extent of injury, if any.
    5. General information such as location, time, road condition, weather, property damage and estimated damage to other vehicles.
  9. Notify your supervisor or department head as soon as possible.
  10. If the vehicle is unsafe to operate, after contacting Transportation Services, have it towed to the nearest garage or service station. After hours, call the University operator at 970-491-0077 for connection with the proper individual.
  11. Submit a Colorado State University accident report to the university Risk Management Office (campus delivery 6021). Forms are located in the vehicle glove box and on our web site.

Please do not sign any papers or make any statements concerning responsibility for blame since any admission may impair the insurers ability to defend a case of questionable legal liability. Appropriate legal authority will decide fault or liability. Please complete forms and comply with instructions.