Replacing or purchasing a university vehicle

All vehicle and trailer replacements or purchases must be processed through Transportation Services.

Departments requesting a replacement should contact Transportation Services at 970-491-0016 for more information on procedures if needed.

  • Vehicles will not be delivered to the department until the vehicle has been fully registered and all associated equipment has been installed in or on the vehicle.
  • All vehicles are owned by Colorado State University, not the individual departments.

Vehicle replacements

Vehicles are replaced on a one for one basis. Vehicles may be replaced in a few different ways:

  • Denied repairs: In some cases vehicles may be denied repairs due to the cost of repair exceeding the value of the vehicle. When this happens Transportation Services will help find the department a replacement vehicle.
  • Departmental funds: The requesting department may pay cash up front if the department has funds available.

If the vehicle being replaced is a four-wheel drive, please see four-wheel drive requests below.

Any vehicles not turned in will be charged a monthly rental fee until the vehicle is returned, except in cases where prior approval has been arranged. If a vehicle is damaged beyond repair in an accident, Transportation Services will work with the department to find a replacement.

Additional vehicle requests

Departments requesting an additional vehicle, such as a permanent increase in a departments number of vehicles, will need to complete a new vehicle justification form for the additional vehicle. The head of the department requesting the vehicle must approve and sign the justification.

Four-wheel drive requests

An executive order, (D0012-07 Greening of State Government), was signed and enacted by Governor Ritter in April 2007. The order contains guidelines for four-wheel drive vehicle purchases.

Due to poor fuel economy and the added cost of a four-wheel drive, requests for four-wheel drive vehicles will be restricted. Approved requests must be well justified and will be restricted to use in law enforcement, emergency response, highway maintenance and construction, or use in difficult terrain. If the vehicle requested is a four-wheel drive, a four-wheel drive justification form must be filled out. This will apply to all new and replacement vehicles.

Vehicles requiring special equipment

Departments requiring special equipment on vehicles must coordinate these requirements with Transportation Services. Approval of Transportation Services must take place prior to any installation or commitment for installation.

Special equipment acquisition and installation can be handled in one of the following ways:

  • Purchased and installed by Transportation Services with all special equipment costs charged to the requesting department and rental rates remaining as published.
  • Purchased and installed by the department. Upon termination of the lease and subsequent return of the vehicle to Transportation Services, the vehicle will be restored to its original configuration by the user or, if the user desires, by Transportation Services with cost of restoration charged to the department.

Any department having requirements for special vehicles or special equipment installed on existing vehicles must initiate a request in writing to Transportation Services. Please include the following information:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Special equipment needed
  • Suggested or possible vendors
  • Approximate cost
  • Anticipated length of use
  • Overall justification for purchase and use

Requests should be made as soon as possible for adequate time for approval, vehicle or special equipment procurement, and installation of the special equipment.

No roof mounted devices for cargo, luggage or observation platforms are allowed without previously written authorization from Transportation services. Departments will be billed the entire cost of repairs from damage caused by the use of roof mounted devices.