Replacement or Purchase of University Vehicle

Transportation Services (TS) must process all vehicle and trailer replacements/purchases.
All vehicles owned by and titled to Colorado State University.

Procedures for Requesting a New Vehicle

  1. Complete and sign the New Vehicle Request (NVR) template and submit to TS by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button on the (bottom right) of NVR.
  2. TS will solicit quote(s) and return to customer (requester) for signed acceptance of vehicle as quoted prior to any vehicle order being placed.
  3. TS will work the procurement office to order the vehicle. TS will relay order confirmation and estimated time of delivery (ETD) to customer.
  4. Once the vehicle arrives, TS will apply for title and license plates and prep for delivery. When vehicle prep is complete, TS will contact customer to arrange a convenient time to retrieve the new vehicle.

Funding Options for a New Vehicle

  • The requesting department can fund the entire vehicle with department funds.
  • The requesting department can provide partial funding. TS will fund the remaining balance and create a plan for the department to repay TS over 60 months/5 years. This request must be requested and approved (on NVR) prior to vehicle order.
  • TS can fund (based on available funds at the time) the purchase of an approved vehicle, and requesting department will repay TS over 60 months/5 years. This must be requested and approved at the time of NVR.

Vehicle replacements

Vehicle replacements occur on a one-for-one basis for varied reasons:

  • Not economical to repair – when the cost of a mechanical repair exceeds the value of the vehicle, it will be disposed through Surplus and a new vehicle ordered. TS is no longer retaining older vehicle as replacements.
  • Reached the end of useful life – a new vehicle will be ordered as a replacement.
  • Wrecked/Totaled – a wrecked vehicle deemed a total loss, will be disposed through Surplus and a new vehicle ordered

Additional vehicles

Departments requesting an additional vehicle will need to justify and fund the additional vehicle. Must work through TS on vehicle purchase.

Vehicles requiring special equipment

Departments requiring special equipment on vehicles must get approval from and coordinate these requirements with TS.

Special equipment acquisition and installation will be handled in one of the following ways:

  • Purchased and installed by TS will all special equipment costs charged to the requesting department and rental rates remain as published.
  • Purchased and installed by requesting department. Upon termination of the lease/purchase and subsequent return of the vehicle to TS for disposal. The vehicle must be restored to its original configuration by the user, or, if the need-be by TS with the cost of restoration charged to the department/user.

Requests are to be made as soon as possible leaving time for approval, procurement, and installation.
No installation of roof mounts for cargo, luggage, or observation allowed without written authorization from TS. Departments will be billed the entire cost of repairs from any damage caused by the use of roof-mounted devices.