Questions about a citation? Contact Parking and Transportation Services or review CSU regulations online. Click here to view a list of citations that are issued at Colorado State University and associated fees.

Citations can be paid online Students can transfer citations to their student account as form of payment.

CSU Parking and Transportation Services will send a courtesy notice of the citations, if contact information is available, in addition to the citation notice placed on the vehicle.

Citation fees will double if the citation is not paid or appealed within 14 days of the citation’s issue date. Unpaid citations can result in:

  • Additional fees
  • A hold being placed on affiliated student account and transcripts
  • Obligation being referred to state collections

CSU Parking and Transportation Services is committed to ensuring access to campus and will not waive safety violation citations. This includes temporarily parking in areas that are not parking spaces, to include but not limited to parking in bike, red curb and emergency vehicle lanes. Traffic violations for parking in non-designated areas carry higher fees due to safety risk imposed on the university. In addition, fees will not be waived for parking illegally in ADA spaces without required permits or identification.

Warning Stickers and Boots

Vehicles with four or more unpaid citations will receive a warning sticker and the responsible individual must contact Parking Services within 10 business days to arrange payment of the citations. After 10 days the vehicle will be impounded on-campus by use of a boot or similar device. A fee of $100, plus all fees owed must be paid in full for removal of the boot. Unauthorized attempt to remove the boot from the vehicle by anyone other than Parking Services or the CSU Police Department is a violation and is subject to criminal charges.

A vehicle will be immobilized with a boot or similar device, for criminal and or safety violations. The vehicle will be released upon payment of fines, boot fee, and towing charges and may not be allowed to park on campus for the remainder of the academic year.