Daily or Short-term Vehicle Rental

Faculty and staff travel

All university travel must follow CDC guidelines and be approved by the employee’s Dean or Vice President.

Domestic and international travel, such as travel for research, may be approved through collaboration with the Dean or Vice President in accordance with guidance from the Pandemic Planning Team, depending upon the destination, reason for travel and funding.

University departments or groups may reserve cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles for use on University business.

To reserve a motor pool vehicle, phone your request to the reservations desk at 970-491-0016, or submit a request via the vehicle reservation request online form.

An electronic IO number must accompany all reservations. Rental vehicle reservations will not be taken without an IO number.

When picking up your reserved vehicle, come to the reservations desk at 201 W. Pitkin Ave during business hours on Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Present a valid driver’s license, read and sign the rental agreement and pick up the keys. Only one vehicle can be checked out per driver’s license.

Vehicles are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you make your reservation, the greater the chance that the type of vehicle you need will be available. If the vehicle requested is not available, a possible substitute vehicle may be offered.

Reservations not used or cancelled less than twenty-four hours prior to vehicle pick up are subject to a minimum one-day rental charge.

Vehicles will be dispatched as requested unless unforeseen circumstances arise. If circumstances preclude fulfilling a request that has been accepted, Transportation Services will offer a substitute vehicle if possible.

Duration of Rental Options Available

Vehicles may be rented from Transportation Services for three different use periods.

  • Daily rental: Day-to-day rentals that are less than 30 consecutive days.
  • Short-term assignment: Month-to-month use of vehicles for less than a 12-month period.
  • Permanent assignment: Year-to-year use of vehicles. Vehicle is permanently assigned to the department.

Short-term assignments may be converted to permanent assignments with approval from Transportation Services and completion of paperwork. Transportation Services reserves the right to refuse to extend the short-term assignment due to inventory shortages and prior commitments.

Transportation Services rental and mileage rates cover all normal operating, repair, and maintenance expenses and fuel used for temporary rentals and vehicle assignments. Rates may be adjusted from time to time depending upon the operational cost per mile or vehicle acquisition cost.

Authorized Users

The following individuals qualify as authorized operators.

  • Members of the Board of Governors for the CSU system.
  • Employees and emeriti staff members of the University.
  • Permanent and visiting faculty members.
  • Resident, non-resident, and foreign students who are:
    • Members of an official University group or department approved by the University to travel on University business or events.
    • Individuals on special assignment who have received approval from a Dean or Director or higher authority within the University.

Operators must hold a valid Colorado driver’s license, with the following exceptions:

  • Faculty and staff: Any new resident with a valid license from another state must obtain a Colorado driver’s license within 30 days.
  • Resident and non-resident students must hold a valid driver’s license from their resident state and have knowledge of and be able to follow the State of Colorado driving rules and regulations.
  • Foreign students will need to have a current US license from any state and have knowledge of and be able to follow the State of Colorado driving rules and regulations to operate University vehicles.
  • Visiting faculty: Visiting faculty members must posses a valid driver’s license from their resident state or country, have knowledge of and be able to follow the State of Colorado driving rules and regulations, and have a minimum of three years experience operating the same type of vehicle they are going to operate while here at CSU.

Note: Passengers who are not Colorado State University students, faculty, or staff are afforded no protection under the University’s insurance policy and ride at their own risk.